Wonderland™ Collection, White

Wonderland™ Collection, White
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Wonderland™ Collection, White
See how deep the rabbit hole really goes!"

Dive into a land of fantasy and wonder with the Wonderland™ collection from Doc Johnson.

Each one of the five available designs is artistically molded and detailed with an erotic twist to represent the most memorable aspects of this famous tale.

The White Wabbit is very quick by nature and loves to tease with his wiggling ears, bumpy tail, and vivid vibrations.

The Pleasurepillar stands with a strong curve designed for a g-spot pleasure and three soft, curvaceous bumps along the body for a persuasively intense delight.

The Mystical Mushroom is a tail and straight form except at the angled tip. Perfect for targeted external pleasure in intensely unique internal stimulation, the Mystical Mushroom is clearly designed for a mystifying amazing experience.

The Kinky Kat, it's easy to tell what's in store for you! The mischievous grin and round head with strong pointed ears, along with the soft tail wrapped up and around its rotund body make this a kat ready to pound with desire.

This beautifully sculpted figure is the Queen of Hearts for a reason. With a crown made of soft curves at just the right angle for g-spot stimulation paired with a row of hearts up her body to gently tease and caress, this queen always gets what she wants, and she's after your heart!

Wonderland™ collection Features:

Soft Silicone Exterior 10 Intense Vibration Functions LED Lit Push Button Control Waterproof Hold Button for 2 Seconds to Turn Off

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