TENGA Soft Tube Cup "Special Soft Edition"

TENGA Soft Tube Cup "Special Soft Edition"
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TENGA Soft Tube Cup "Special Soft Edition"
This TENGA Soft Tube Cup is made from a super-soft tube. Now the Extra Soft Edition will give a sensation that is even smoother and more lifelike. Soft Tubes give you control of the tightening sensation by squeezing it, just grip harder for a for a tighter feel.

The soft internal texture expands to compliment your size. A newly formulated material, HG-02 is gentler and cushioned for the more sensitive penis. A round head at the end of the passage features 29 small nubs to stimulate the sensitive tip of the penis. Stroke, rub or press your way to climax. The 40 nubs within the passage are reversible, allowing smooth entry and a superb sense of adhesion as you pull out. A great feature of the Soft Tube Onacup is the ability to 'squeeze out' after ejaculation.

One of the most remarkable features is the lotion reservoir which helps keep the point of insertion point wet. There is also an air hole which let you controls pressure levels to achieve your preferred level of suction. The internal canal has a diameter of 0.5 inches and a length of 5 inches.

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