TENGA Egg - Silky

TENGA Egg - Silky
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TENGA Egg - Silky
TENGA Eggs are a break-through from traditional male masturbators. Once revealed from their plastic shell, the sleeves can stretch to over 4 times their original length! They will give you knee-trembling sensations the best orgasms you've had yet!

TENGA Egg Silky has numerous layers of ribs inside the sleeve which intertwine and wrap around each other, giving an incredible sensation. Combined with the inclusive lubricant, the soft edges of the ribs will give you the ultimate climax.

The sleeve has a continual lined patter that surrounds and caresses the penis, much like silk.

This 2.5 inch sex toy can stretch to lengths that will reach amazing lengths. It will stretch to 12 inches in length and 8 inches in girth.

Please note that they are designed in Japan for a single use only. However with careful use/cleaning and more lube your TENGA EGG should be ready for another use!

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