Texxxt Message Seductions

Texxxt Message Seductions
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Texxxt Message Seductions
When feeling frisky, select one of the cell phone-shaped game cards based on it's seduction description. Open the screen on the card to reveal a text script you send to your lover throughout the day to seduce him or her for sex that night.

There are racy seductions to choose from, like Sexy Stripper, Care to be Kinky, and Get DIRRRTY! When you would rather be more creative, try A Toy and a Boy and I have a Surprise for You. or if you want a good laugh along with some great sex, try one of the entertaining seductions, such as Cheesy Pick Up Lines, Wanksta's Sexy Slang, or The Casting Couch.

Whatever your mood, there's always a wide variety to choose from!

Deck contains 25 cards

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