TENGA Egg - Clicker

TENGA Egg - Clicker
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TENGA Egg - Clicker
TENGA Eggs are a break through for male masturbators. Once you open the plastic shell, you will be greeted with a sleeve that can be stretched to over 4 times its original size. This single-use male sex toy will give you the best orgasm you've ever had!

The TENGA Egg Clicker sleeve has numerous bumps, nodules and nubs that will deliver incredible sensations. The sleeve will stretch to over 12 inches in length and can accommodate men with up to 8 inches of girth - everyone can get something from the TENGA Egg Clicker.

Combine the textured sleeve with the included lubricant and you will be able to achieve an undeniably mind-blowing climax.

This 2.5 inch male sex toy is tiny and compact making it perfect for discreet storage

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