Sex - How to Do Everything - Book

Sex - How to Do Everything - Book
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Sex - How to Do Everything - Book
Sex - How to do Everything

The brand new book by Em and Lo, Sex—How to Do Everything, is actually about everything: seduction, anatomy and orgasm, manual sex, oral sex, intercourse, anal play, sex toys, fantasy, and sexual health.

From the Oral sex chapter of this amazing, and sometimes funny, book.

The Case For and Against 69

"The 69 position is kind of like communism: brilliant in theory, but rarely as equitably satisfying in practice. Theoretically, what could be better than simultaneously providing each other with the kind of stimulation that is almost guaranteed to lead to orgasm for most people? (Sure, we know oral isn’t for everyone, but the odds are way higher than with intercourse.) But in practice, well, if 69s lead to simultaneous orgasm every single time, don’t you think we’d have a harder time getting people to breed? Still, its merits keep some people coming back for more, so to speak. We’ve assembled the various positions, pros, and cons of this ancient art so that you can make up your own mind. "


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