Seduction Book by Snow Raven Starborn

 Seduction Book by Snow Raven Starborn
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Seduction Book

"Begin by making yourself irresistible...Then, set the scene: the colors, scents, tastes and teases to make him putty in your hands. Whether you've known him for a month or a decade, have just met or are just married, these are seductions for any palate, any pleasure, any time.

Each Seduction includes a love poem, a color scheme, a scent to brew up and teasty treats to serve, along with an activity that's designed to get your both relaxed and in the mood for love."

The Book includes: The essentials of the lingerie cabinet Ways to prepare for the evening physically and emotionally What to have on hand at all times What to serve up in the heat of the moment Mood color chart to help with the selection of garments Exercises to boost sexual stamina Aromatherapy for each seduction Bar guide and mixed drink recipes Recipes for aphrodisiac dishes Hot poetry for enticing your intended What to serve the monring after

You'll never again be at a loss as to how to make it happen again.


Special Features: Learn everything you can about seduction