Pin the Macho on the Man - Party Game

Pin the Macho on the Man - Party Game
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Pin the Macho on the Man - Party Game
Remember Pin the Tail on the Donkey? Now we have one for bachelorette and themed parties: Pin the Macho on the Man!


1.Fill in guest's name in blank space on unit that most applies to them. Example: We have unites for birthdays, brides, lovers, students, etc.

2.Pin or tape Macho Man poster to wall or door.

3.Hostess, for full effect pass out units one at a time and have guests read the poem and show their units to the rest of the guests.

4.Blindfold guest and apply pin or tape to unit

5.Have guest hold their unit in one hand. Spin guest around a few feet from the Macho Man poster and point them in the right direction.

6.Wherever the unit touches the poster first, either leave unit hanging or write guests name on poster

7.Closest to bullseye wins!


1.Have a few cocktails to loosen up prior to the game.

2.Hostess visualizes with unit applies best to each guest, either by occupations, personality, etc.

3.Follow instructions for best results.

4.After game, use units as name tags.

5.Have guests take home units as door prizes.

6.Give Macho Man poster to winner.


*24 x 36 colour poster of the Macho Man *15 hilarious cartoon units with separate poems that will apply to every type of guest at the party *10 generic units (in case you want to use your own imagination)

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