Passion - Closer Together Game

Passion - Closer Together Game
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Passion - Closer Together Game
Passion, Closer Together

Passion is a game for couples to help you learn more about each other. The purpose of the game is beat your partner to the final square. Along the way, youíll be required to perform several challenges. When you successfully finish the challenge, youíll get a Favor card, if you donít, you get a Penalty card. There are icons along the way to make the game even more exciting. The game includes instructions, a blindfold, spin dials, notepad and pencils. You should get a stopwatch for the timed challenges and some music CDís as certain challenges must be completed before a song ends.

A Challenge card example: Place an ice cube in your mouth and run it along your partnerís neck. You have 30 seconds to give him/her goose bumps and win a Favor card.

A Favor card example: your partner will kiss you with the same passion as when you first started going out, otherwise, he/she must move his/her token back a maximum of 5 squares (you can reduce the number of squares based on the quality of the kiss).

A Penalty card example: Perform a sexy dance lasting at least one minute or move your token back 5 squares.