Love on the Menu Book

Love on the Menu Book
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Love on the Menu Book
Love on the Menu is much more than a recipe book. Explore all the delicious chapters: Hit Parade, Preludes, Love Potions, Bits and Bits, Starters, Essentials and Guilty Pleasures, where you will find a host of ingredients to whet your appetite. Set to backdrop of sensual music, start your evening off with a honey and mandarin bubble bath, a relaxing spearmint oil massage and titillating Tongue Tango cocktail. Then prepare an inviting meal with aphrodisiac ingredients, accompanied by some good wine. Indulge in a procession of seductive recipes... Ouster and Strawberry Fizz, Calamari Orgy, Hot Beef Injection, and top it all off with Ladyfinger Strokes. There you have it! Bon appetit... and enjoy your evening to the fullest!

Soft Cover: 136 pages.

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