Glo-Glo a Go-Go Nuclear Lime Ass Stroker

Glo-Glo a Go-Go Nuclear Lime Ass Stroker
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Glo-Glo a Go-Go Nuclear Lime Ass Stroker
The Glo-Glo a Go-Go is a fun and exciting pocket masturbator with the ultra tight anal entry. The inside contains row after row of stimulating ridges for a realistic experience. The sleeve is made with the real feel Cyberskin to add even more pleasure.

The fun part is its glow-in-the-dark. Simply let it sit in direct light, the longer you leave it the brighter the glow. The end is open which can give greater stimulating going all the way through, or you can squeeze it shut for a suction effect.

Use only water-based lubricants with Cyberskin, oil lubricants will break down the toy. After use, clean with warm water and mild soap/toy cleaner. Allow to fully dry, apply corn starch to the toy and store in its own bag. The corn starch will help keep its feel real.

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