Edge by Sportsheets - Adjustable Spreader Bar

Edge by Sportsheets - Adjustable Spreader Bar
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Edge by Sportsheets - Adjustable Spreader Bar
This Edge spreader bar by Sportsheets comes completely assembled and has two side bars that are adjustable in size. Uniquely designed for effortless set-up, simply press the metal buttons on each side bar while sliding along the centrepiece to adjust the length. Once the desired length is reached, position the buttons until they pop into place and hold tight. The bar is 29 inches (73.7cm) at its shortest and can be lengthened to a full 37 inches (94cm).

On either end of the bar, a pivoting clasp swings freely from a hardy metal D-ring connector. Just about any brand and style of cuffs will easily link to these clasps. It is made of 90% Anodized aluminium and 10% nickel free metal.

Key Features:

- Spreader bar

- Fully adjustable

- Easily assembled

- D-ring connector

- Clasp closure

Specialty / Bondage