A Call Girl's Best Sex Tips

A Call Girl's Best Sex Tips
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A Call Girl's Best Sex Tips
Author Renee Dubois is a writer and columnist specializing in escort services and erotica, and she has put more than 500 professional erotics tips in this easy and fun to read book. You are getting insider secrets that every call girl knows, from tit-elation to dressing the part to the world of WAM (wet and messy fun) plus how to perform the full spectrum of sex acts.

The book includes: how to work your assets, role-playing and dressing, mouth moves that will make him moan, dirty talk and cybersex, positions and places, fantasy and fetish and many more!

Here is a section called Speed Busters with tips on what not to do in a quickie situation- “You can go from 1,000 to less than zero on the thrillometre in less time than it takes to say, 'ouch'. Since you may not have time to restart your play, here's what to avoid in the first place:

*Not kissing first. Avoiding her lips and diving straight for the erogenous zones gives the experience a pay-by-the-hour feeling. Of course, this may be the effect you're going for.

*Breaking contact. The biggest downer about having a quickie is the lack of intimacy. Always keeping in touch with your partner's body makes a big difference. Move your hands together, or stroke them one at a time, in a continual flow. If you have to stop, keep one hand gently resting on your partner's body.”

Paperback, 256 pages Carlton Books