The Better Sex Guide To Extraordinary Lovemaking

The Better Sex Guide To Extraordinary Lovemaking
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The Better Sex Guide To Extraordinary Lovemaking
The Sinclair Institute has brought many extraordinary videos to help you and partner discover each other in astounding ways, now they have an amazing book to add to that collection.

The Better Sex Guide to Extraordinary Lovemaking contains practical and candid advice for couples who want to enhance their sex lives. Whatever your age, lifestyle, where you are on your sexual journey, you'll find the detailed advice, explicit techniques and exciting positions that will make sex more thrilling and fulfilling.

The book contains 15 chapters which are split into 3 steps: desire, arousal and orgasm. An excerpt from Chapter 2, Turn on Your Desire to Turn on Your Sex Life – “Ways to Enhance Desire: The first step toward enhancing your sex life and experiencing better sex is to cultivate sexual desire. This goes for both you and your lover, recognizing that the amorous efforts you make in seducing your partner are going to make you feel sexier as well.”

Hardcover, 352 pages Quiver - Jan 2010

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