Ambitious Beaver

Ambitious Beaver
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Ambitious Beaver
I loved this vibe the moment I saw it. I tried to stop the beads rotating and found it was super strong, I loved that feature. Now as you can see this vibe has two tiers of beads for a total of 6 rows, designed for incredible vaginal stimulation and they spin in either direction. It has a 7 function controller and capable of 10 different speeds for your pleasure. Best of all the clitoral stimulator is adjustable as all women are not built the same. Rechargeable...Enjoy - SB

Rechargeable. Vibe snaps easily onto the charging base for a quick charge. The indicator light changes from red to green when it has reached a full charge, approximately 5 hours. Flexible clitoral stimulator is a beaver with an exceptionally long tail and paws for extra stimulation. It is flexible and can be moved forward or back to hit the right spot. Two separate tiers of beads for incredible vaginal stimulation! Each tier has 3 rows of beads that spin in both directions at the same time. Function/Speed options. This amazing vibrator has 7 functions and 10 speeds, giving many choices for both bead rotation and clitoral stimulation!

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